POSH Compliance

Ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace

Implement policies for prevention of sexual harassment.

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    • Ensuring compliance with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act
    • Developing and implementing a robust prevention and redressal mechanism
    • Conducting regular awareness and training programs for employees
    • Handling and investigating complaints of sexual harassment sensitively and effectively
    • Complying with reporting and documentation requirements under the law.
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    1. Policy Development and Implementation

    Evaluating Existing Policies

    – Policy assessment: Evaluate existing policies and procedures to identify gaps.

    – Policy customization: Tailor policies to meet the specific needs of your organization.

    – Policy implementation: Ensure proper dissemination and understanding of policies among employees.

    1. Employee Training and Awareness

    Interactive Training Programs

    – Training programs: Conduct interactive training sessions on prevention and prohibition of workplace harassment.

    – Awareness campaigns: Promote a culture of respect and inclusivity through workshops, posters, and newsletters.

    – Reporting mechanisms: Educate employees about reporting channels and their rights to a safe work environment.

    1. Internal Complaints Mechanism

    Establishing a Complaints Handling System

    – Complaints handling: Establish a robust system to receive and address complaints in a confidential and timely manner.

    – Investigation procedures: Implement fair and impartial investigation procedures to resolve complaints.

    – Disciplinary actions: Enforce appropriate disciplinary measures in line with organizational policies and legal requirements.

    1. Compliance Audits and Risk Assessment

    Conducting Compliance Reviews

    – Compliance reviews: Conduct periodic audits to assess adherence to Posh guidelines and regulations.

    – Risk identification: Identify potential areas of risk and develop strategies to mitigate them.

    – Compliance documentation: Maintain accurate records of compliance activities, audits, and corrective actions.

    1. Policy Updates and Legal Compliance

    Staying Informed About Legal Changes

    – Stay updated: Keep abreast of legal changes related to workplace harassment and Posh regulations.

    – Policy revisions: Revise policies and procedures to align with new legal requirements and best practices.

    – Compliance reporting: Prepare and submit necessary compliance reports to regulatory authorities, if applicable.

    1. Cultural Transformation and Advocacy

    Conducting Sensitization Programs

    – Sensitization programs: Foster a culture of respect, equality, and diversity through workshops and seminars.

    – Leadership involvement: Encourage leaders to advocate for a safe and inclusive work environment.

    – Employee engagement: Involve employees in initiatives and committees related to Posh compliance.

    1. Continuous Improvement and Monitoring

    Measuring the Performance of Compliance Initiatives

    – Performance measurement: Track and assess the effectiveness of Posh compliance initiatives.

    – Feedback mechanisms: Collect feedback from employees to identify areas for improvement.

    – Compliance monitoring: Regularly review and update processes to ensure ongoing adherence to Posh guidelines.


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